(507) 387-1666
421 East Hickory Street, Mankato, MN 56001
(507) 387-1666
421 East Hickory Street, Mankato, MN 56001


Volunteers are an integral part of VINE.  We have hundreds of volunteers who give countless hours of help to older adults, people with disabilities and individuals and families encountering difficult life situations in our community.  

VINE’s volunteers represent Greater Mankato’s diversity and are always willing and eager to share their expertise to help VINE grow. It is through their commitment and energy that VINE has been successful and helped so many people in need.

Become a VINE Volunteer

Call today, (507) 387-1666, to sign up for volunteer training and learn how you can share your skills helping others through VINE, the VINE Adult Community Center & the VINE Home Thrift Store. 

If interested in volunteering, please complete and send us your Volunteer Application. Please call Adam or Joyce at (507) 387-1666 to schedule a virtual or in-person orientation. 

Questions? Call Adam (507) 386-5574 or Joyce (507) 386-5583.


For volunteer convenience and to facilitate timely submission of volunteer hours, VINE has established a volunteer hotline. Volunteers can call the hotline 24 hours a day and leave a message on the recording indicating time and mileage spent volunteering. Information may also be submitted online at SchedulesPlus. Information can be submitted daily or weekly. VINE appreciates the efforts of volunteers and we thank you for taking time to report your service information which is integral for the grants we receive. If you have questions about this procedure, call Adam Massmann at (507) 386-5574.

Volunteer Hotline: call (507)-387-8813 or click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Caring Connection

Working through VINE’s Caring Connection Program, volunteers provide friendship and support to a an older adult as they face the changes and challenges of growing older. VINE care receivers typically meet with their volunteer two to four times a month for about an hour and might go for a walk, talk, play cards, or go somewhere on an outing.


Volunteers, committed to working a half day with VINE Chore Staff, provide services to elders and those with disabilities. Typical chores provided include: snow removal, lawn mowing, window washing, trimming shrubs, replacing a washer on a leaky faucet, raking, garden preperation, weeding, etc. We rely on volunteers to help accomplish these tasks.

Driver (Using Your Own Vehicle)

Every day, VINE’s drivers take community members to the doctor and other appointments, on shopping trips and errands, and to exercise classes. Volunteers do not lift people out of wheelchairs, but may offer a steady arm or carry a package for someone. During the time that the care receiver is busy with their appointment, the volunteer is free to do their own errands. VINE’s transportation staff calls the volunteer several days before the scheduled ride and drivers are free to accept or decline an assignment based on their own plans. Volunteers indicate their preference for where they would like to drive, including local and out-of-town trips. Mileage reimbursement is available.

Fitness Center

Volunteers are scheduled a few times a month to assist fitness center members with any questions they might have with the fitness equipment. Individuals volunteering in the fitness center must be a premium VACC member and go through the HUR equipment training. Contact Lisa Johnson at (507) 387-1666 to learn more.

Hot Meals on Wheels

Volunteers commit to deliver a Meals on Wheels route twice a month. Meals are picked up in North Mankato and delivered to individuals in the Mankato, North Mankato, and Eagle Lake areas. The routes are typically completed in one hour.


We offer unpaid internships at VINE and at the VINE Adult Community Center.
Learn more here

Literary Center

Volunteers assist individuals with reading, English language skills, and/or computer skills. They may be matched one-on-one with an individual or participate in a group.

Pool Monitor

Water safety is important, especially now that we have our very own warm-water exercise pool. Pool Monitors provide oversight during open swim times. They are not lifeguards, but can get help if an emergency occurs in the pool area. A premium VACC membership is required. For more information contact Lisa Johnson at (507) 387-1666.

Teach Evidence-Based Health Classes

Volunteers go through training and teach community members classes like Matter of Balance and Chronic Disease Self-Management. The classes might be held in Mankato or another community and are led by two teachers.

Thrift Store Pickups

Volunteers assist VINE staff in picking up and transporting furniture and other home goods from community member’s homes to the VINE Store. Individuals must be able to lift 50-100 pounds.

Thrift Store Cashier/Cleaning/Repairs

Individuals provide support to the VINE store staff with ringing up items on the cash register, cleaning items in preparation for sale, organizing and pricing items, repairing broken items, etc. Training is provided and schedules are flexible.


Is there a minimum amount of time that one is expected to volunteer?

No. Volunteers share their time in a variety of ways and for varying amounts of time – from daily, to one or two times a month. Some volunteers choose to share a specific skill such as helping with small home repairs. In this case, we will call you when your help is needed and you can let us know if you are available.

I don’t want to be tied down to a schedule. Can I work on call?

Many volunteer jobs are filled on an on-call basis – particularly in the area of transportation. We generally call volunteers to fulfill requests a day or two ahead of time. The majority of transportation opportunities are during regular Monday – Friday business hours. We do offer occasional weekend opportunities for such things as gardening or volunteering at the Thrift Store. Please let us know when you are available and we’ll find an opportunity that fits your schedule. Once you say ‘yes’ to a volunteer job, our expectation is that you are committed to doing the job. Our care receivers will be counting on you.

I’m a snowbird. Can I still volunteer?

Many of our volunteers leave the area for a warmer climate during the winter months and others head up north in the summer. Let us know when you are leaving and when we can start calling you again.

Does VINE reimburse volunteers for their mileage?

VINE offers to reimburse volunteer drivers when we have arranged for you to provide a ride for a specific passenger. We currently provide reimbursement at ten cents under the federal mileage rate.

Are there opportunities to volunteer on a one-time project with a group?

VINE’s annual fall Rake the Town service event is a great way for youth groups, sororities, fraternities, confirmation classes, and groups of co-workers, to share their time in service to others. Group volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. If interested in organizing a volunteer team to work on a project, contact Adam at (507) 386-5574.


  • I enjoy being with older people and giving back to the community. Volunteering also makes me feel good.

    Pat Schultz
    Respite Center Volunteer since 2009
  • I volunteer at the Fitness Center, because I thought that it would help me keep on track. After I do my volunteer work, I work out. I like being here too.

    Linda Christnagel
    Fitness Center Volunteer since 2015
  • I like meeting all the people who come in the front door of the VINE Adult Community Center. I get to know them and I just like being here and helping.

    Mary Foley
    Front Desk Volunteer since 2009
  • People from all walks of life come. I have met a lot of retired professionals that I would have not otherwise met if I did not come and volunteer.

    Tony Wamma
    Volunteer since 2015
  • I looked around at various volunteer organizations and VINE was the one that came to the top because of all the options that a person has when they volunteer with VINE.

    Steve Hanson
    Thrift Store, Chores, VINE Board Volunteer since 2012
  • Volunteering is always something that I wanted to do. I enjoy delivering Meals on Wheels and the conversations I have, even if it is a brief thank you.

    Dan Nelson
    Transportation and Meals on Wheels Volunteer since 2013
  • I find it very rewarding to meet and interact with people through VINE’s programs. I feel it’s a way I can contribute.

    Vicki Schmidt
    Caring Connections Volunteer since 2012
Contact us to learn more about volunteering for VINE