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421 East Hickory Street, Mankato, MN 56001
(507) 387-1666
421 East Hickory Street, Mankato, MN 56001

The VINE Adult Community Center

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Aging to the Max

The VINE Adult Community Center offers a one-stop shop for aging adults to improve physical health, socialize with peers, volunteer to help others and access needed services.  There is a variety of fun and interesting activities to appeal to adults of all ages including exercise classes, speaker series, bus trips, social and recreational activities.

Visit our calendar to explore all the exciting events that take place at the VINE Adult Community Center.

Programming at the VINE Adult Community Center is based on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness Model – emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational – that encourages healthy aging throughout the lifespan.


In 2017, the VINE Adult Community Center was recognized as the 2017 NuStep Pinnacle Award winner.  This international award recognizes excellence in whole-person wellness programming.  The award is given to adult community centers that have successfully integrated the whole-person wellness model into their setting and created a culture of wellness throughout their organization.  The VINE Adult Community Center is the first in Minnesota to receive the award.

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  • VINE heals the whole person.

    Carol Williams
    VACC member since 2015
  • What I really love is being with my peers. It inspires me to see those older than me doing what they can. I don’t have to compete with the kids.

    Diane Dobitz
    VACC member since 2016
  • I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and encouraged by my doctor to start working out so I joined VINE and the next dexa scan showed my numbers had greatly improved and I know it’s because of this place (VACC).

    Barb Wandersee
    VACC member since 2016
  • I always looked at gyms with machines and thought oh no, but now I just love them. I’m really lucky I found this place. A friend dragged me here kicking and screaming, but I took the leap, joined and boy am I ever glad I did. A year later, I went to my pulmonary appointment and the results were wonderful, better than they have been in years. I know the factor has been joining VINE.

    Barb Eide
    VACC member since 2016


Do you have to be a member to attend programs at the VACC?

No, but non-members pay for each class or program they attend. If you attend many programs, and we hope you do, becoming a member will be much more cost effective than paying as you go.

Do volunteers get free memberships?

Volunteers are not compensated for their time with memberships. We regularly have volunteer appreciation events to honor and thank our volunteers for their time and talents.

How old do you have to be to belong to the VACC?

All VACC members must be at least 25 years old. Our members range in age from 25 – 100+.

How do I sign up for classes?

Most classes require you to register in advance by calling (507) 387-1666 or online.


Does health insurance pay for VACC memberships?

The VINE Adult Community Center accepts many health insurance reimbursement programs. Please call Meghan at (507) 387-1666 for further information.

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